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The Novalis Tx is a linear accelerator treatment machine for radiosurgery and radiotherapy. Linear accelerator machines utilize X-rays that are targeted at the tumor to destroy the growth of the cells. All high level radiosurgery linear accelerators (Axesse, Novalis Tx and CyberKnife) and cobalt machines (Gamma Knife) are both robotic and image guided.

The Novalis Tx is the result of a collaborative effort between Varian Medical Systems and BrainLab, Inc. The machine integrates successful radiosurgery technologies from each of the companies. The Novalis Tx features a high dose delivery rate, with dynamic beam shaping, and frameless patient positioning. Implanted fiduicials may be placed in the cartilage of the head which allow a removable frame to be attached and removed for each treatment. More often a 'mask' that is made to the shape of the patient's head is attached to the unit during treatment for easy removal until the next treatment. Body 'masks' may also be used in the same manner between treatments.

The Novalis Tx allows multiple beam of radiation with varying strength to be delivered into the brain or body for treating deep-seated tumors with the goal of sparing healthy tissue that resides close to the tumor. The Novalis Tx offers a wide range of treatment options for a variety of conditions including malignant and benign tumors in the head and body.

When the RapidArc delivery system from Varian Medical Systems is paired with the Novalis Tx technology the treatment times are significantly shortened for patients while improving the target dose conformity to the tumor. RapidArc allows the Novalis Tx to deliver its treatments two to eight times faster than other Linac systems existing today while maintaining precision.

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Novalis TxTM; is a registered trademark of BrainLab, Inc.

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