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The GammaART 6000 is a cobalt based treatment machine for radiosurgery and radiotherapy. Like the Gamma Knife, the machine uses photon gamma rays that are targeted at the tumor to destroy the growth of the cells within the brain and spine only. The GammaART 6000 is currently utilized abroad more than in the United States.

The head frame is fixed on the patientís head. The CT and MRI indicator boxes have coordinate (fiducial) markers visible on CT and MRI images. Through the marker locations and the delineation of the target and normal structures on the images, the headís anatomical geometry is referenced in a Cartesian coordinate system. With the head frame attached to the Rotating Gamma System GammaART-6000 treatment unit, the entire coordinate system can be shifted to place the target at the focal point of all the gamma ray beams.

The system is used to treat brain tumors and disorders with 30 cobalt sources and does not treat body tumors at this time.

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