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Centre National de Rehabilitation et de Neurosciences
Hospital des Specialites O.N.O

Rabat, Morocco
Phone: +212-537-77-56-48 or +212-537-77-57-06
Fax: +212-537-77-02-12
Ask for: Prof. Abdeslam El Khamlichi
Website: Service de Neurochirurgie /Unité de Radiochirurgie Gamma Knife

  • Technologies:
    • Gamma Knife (Brain)

  • Specialties:
    • Neurosurgical Radiosurgery
  • Neurosurgeons:
    • Prof. Abdeslam El Khamlichi
    • Prof. Yasser Arkha
    • Adyl Melhaoui, MD

  • Radiation Oncologists:
    • Prof. Brahim Khalil El Gueddari
    • Prof. Aziz Mansouri

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