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The Axesse is a linear accelerator treatment machine for radiosurgery and radiotherapy. Linear accelerator machines utilize X-rays that are targeted at the tumor to destroy the growth of the cells. All high level radiosurgery linear accelerators (Novalis Tx and CyberKnife) and cobalt machines (Gamma Knife) are both robotic and image guided.

The Axesse provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to effectively apply stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT). The system offers clinicians the ability to deliver higher and more conformal doses of radiation to the target in fewer fractions than with conventional radiation therapy techniques. Combining three-dimensional (3D) image guidance at the time of treatment with highly conformal beam shaping and robotic 6D sub-millimeter patient positioning to deliver fast, efficient and accurate treatment. With the Axesse, clinicians can reduce complexity, streamline decision-making and increase patient throughput while executing more sophisticated protocols. The Axesse may be used as a one session treatment (radiosurgery) or as a hypofractionate treatment in 2-5 sessions.

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