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Since 1995, IRSA® , an independent organization, has dedicated itself to providing educational information and guidelines on stereotactic radiosurgery for BRAIN TUMORS AND BRAIN DISORDERS to governments, regulatory agencies, insurers and referring physicians. [IRSA® is a registered trademark.]

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  • Computed Tomography — An Increasing Source of Radiation Exposure
    The number of computed tomographic (CT) studies performed is increasing rapidly. Because CT scans involve much higher doses of radiation than plain films, we are seeing a marked increase in radiation exposure in the general population. Epidemiologic studies indicate that the radiation dose from even two or three CT scans results in a detectable increase in the risk of cancer, especially in children. This article summarizes the facts about this form of radiation exposure and the implications for public health. By its nature, CT involves larger radiation doses than the more common, conventional x-ray imaging procedures [New England Journal of Medicine]


  • Scientists study scorpion venom in cancer care
    The research team at The University of Alabama at Birmingham discovered that the chemical compounds in this scorpion's venom could be used to kill cancerous cells in the brain without harming the healthy cells nearby. An initial clinical trial of 18 patients found that all the participants reported "feeling much better" after the treatment. Two even went into remission.

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